Fresh Food Local Markets

  • Thai fruits in market
    Thai fruits in a local fresh food market
  • Local market in Phuket
    Local market in Phuket
  • Thai market in Phuket
    You will often find takeway food in local markets in Phuket
  • Baanzan fresh market in Patong
  • Baanzan fresh market in Patong
    Baanzan fresh food market in Patong

Thais are food lovers and before cooking tasty and spacy meals, ingredients must be selected carefully. Don’t be fooled by the look of local markets, the food there is much fresher than any supermarket you may find on the island and prices are cheaper.

If you like seafood, you will find fishes and seashells that were fished the previous night, exquisite shrimps of all sizes, delicious crabs, squids and even more of the savory food specialties that come from the sea.

Thai fresh markets are the best places to buy fruits, vegetables and herbs. Actually, it is most likely that you will know half of them: durians and their unforgettable smell, jack fruits, dragon fruits, mangosteens, rambutans, lungans and many more…

The variety of herbs and vegetables displayed on fresh markets stalls will help you to understand the richness of Thai food’s flavors. Different basils, all sorts of egg-plants in different shapes, colors and size, lemongrass, Thai ginger…

Meat such as pork or chicken is also very interesting in Phuket’s fresh markets. Again, don’t be scared if there are no fridges and if you see a fly or two trying to take its share of the feast, these animals were killed just a few hours before you buy them and you will not be able to find fresher in supermarkets.

Around or in fresh markets, a few stalls often sell Thai food, clothes, DVDs and all sorts of goods. But for those, local markets cannot rival Phuket Weekends Night Market and its 1,000 stalls.



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