Nightlife in Phuket

  • Nightlife in Phuket
    There are countless girls bars in Patong
  • Nightlife in Phuket
    Some modern beach bars offer a more relaxed atmosphere
  • Nightlife in Phuket
    The hot and sexy girls of Phuket's go-go bars
  • Nightlife in Phuket
    Ladyboys on Bangla Road in Patong
  • Nightlife in Phuket
    Excellent DJs perform in Phuket's discotheques
  • Nightlife in Phuket
    There are many places where you can listen live bands

Phuket enjoys a lively, vibrant and colorful nightlife and is considered as a major party capital of Asia. However, if this constant entertainment ravishes most tourists coming to Phuket to enjoy bars and discotheques, some persons looking for softer and more serene experience may well be shocked or even perhaps disgusted by the scandalous nights in certain parts of the island.

The main touristic and nightlife center in Phuket is Patong beach, who counts hundreds of girls bars, go-go bars, strip clubs and nightclubs frequented largely by girls who are definitely able to provide much more than just smiles.

Phuket, which is now a combination of the worst and the best of Thailand, has not always been a mecca of sex tourism. In fact the island has long been relatively underdeveloped, essentially taking its revenues from tin mining.

While Patong globally is a nightlife city, other areas of Phuket tend to be quieter even if some of them have their red-lights districts. All in all, Phuket has plenty of places to party after a hard day relaxing on the beach. Depending on your preferences, you can go to girls bars where stunning Asian beauties will meet all your desires for a fee, go dancing in beautiful nightclubs with talent DJs that have nothing to envy to those that can be found in the West, singing karaoke or attend major shows such as Phuket Fantasea in Kamala beach.

For more casual evenings, Kata, Karon and Surin will be the most appropriate places. An evening in Phuket did not necessarily revolves around alcohol and partying and even in Patong Beach, the great center of sex tourism on the island, there are many places offering a relaxed background music, lounge atmospheres, live orchestras as well as many restaurants and tea rooms that should appeal to many families.

If it’s sex, half-naked girls and loud music that you like then go to Bangla Road in Patong Beach. It is here that you will find the largest red light district of Phuket with hundreds bars employing thousands of girls.

The area is not very big but there, frenetic activity and excitement is constant. The atmosphere in the bars of Bangla Road is pretty nice. Besides, you’ll be surprised that it is quite possible to settle here at the counter of a bar and watch a football game on television or look a live band without being harassed by girls looking for a customer.

Patong also has many clubs, some of which feature live bands. These establishments are usually good spirit and a lot of fun really.

If crazy nights are not your thing, head to Karon Beach a few kilometers south of Patong. The atmosphere is much healthier and much less focused on sex even though the bars and girls are indeed present here too.

South of Karon, you will find Kata beach. The atmosphere is very warm and festive and the atmosphere corresponds more to families even if there are a few girls’ bars.

If you are looking for absolute tranquility, you need to go to Kamala. Outside the Phuket Fantasea show, you will find here only a few picturesque and good beachside restaurants where you can eat in the light of Chinese lanterns.

Surin is also a good option for those who want to be really quiet. The nightlife is pretty quiet, especially in the area of Bang Tao. Here you will find charming beach bars with great atmosphere. Some regard Surin as the antithesis of Patong.

If you want to party in a Thai style then this is Phuket Town that you must go to. Things here are organized differently than Patong and pubs spread mainly Thai music (often there is a live band playing). In most places you can bring your own bottle of whiskey and pay only for softs: this is a common practice in Thailand. You will also find in Phuket Town several classy nightclubs, two cinemas and a bowling venue to occupy your evenings.

Finally, Rawai is also a much more tranquil than Patong even if party occupies a special place. There are many bars and restaurants opened in the evening on the waterfront that frequented more by expats than tourists.



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