Phuket Zoo

  • Phuket Zoo
    Welcome to Phuket Zoo!
  • Phuket Zoo
    Welcome to Phuket Zoo!
  • Crocodile show
    Crocodile show in Phuket zoo
  • Elephant show
    Elephant show in Phuket zoo
  • Monkey show
    Monkey show in Phuket zoo
  • King cobra
    King cobra in Phuket zoo

Opened in 1997 and located at the north end of Chalong Bay, the privately owned Phuket Zoo shows many different animals living mainly in Thailand and across South East Asia: tigers, crocodiles, elephants, snakes, many beautiful birds, a small aquarium, an orchid farm, a butterfly garden etc.

The zoo is well-maintained and surroundings are beautiful tropical gardens with giant trees where you can enjoy a cool shade. Inside the zoo, you can also visit an orchid garden with hundreds of different Thai species. Refreshments and ice-creams are sold in different parts of the zoo.

The highlight of the zoo are the 3 shows that involve elephants, monkeys and crocodiles, trained to do tricks in small stadiums where tourists stay and can take pictures. These shows are actually very similar to circus ones.

Unfortunately there is no snake show at the zoo, but you can see one in other areas of Phuket.

Opening hours: daily from 8am to 6pm

Schedule of the shows:
Monkey shows at 09.00, 12.00, 14.30 and 16.45 hrs.
Crocodile shows at 09.45, 12.45, 15.15 and 17.30 hrs.
Elephant shows at 10.30, 13.30 and 16.00 hrs.