Spa and Massages

  • Spa and massage in Phuket
  • Spa and massage in Phuket
  • Spa and massage in Phuket

The word “spa” comes from the name of a city in Belgium, famous for its thermal waters. Royal families, princes and most important men and women went there to get back into shape. Hence, the name of “spa” started to be applied to any complex providing relaxation and wellness.

In Asia, and because of meditation traditions, the spa service has evolved into a concept where spirit and body converge. Respect for nature and the desire for physical and mental well-being are the keys to safeguarding health and beauty.

In Thailand, the spa concept combines the ancient natural healing traditions and treatments with aromatic baths, massage, meditation, and the perpetual pursuit of inner and outer beauty. Before the advent of modern medicine in Thailand, Buddhist temples were the centers of all knowledge, including medicine. The monks held the role of doctor and pharmacist, prescribing herbal remedies, hot compresses, massage and other treatments to relieve various diseases.

You can still benefit from this ancient massage therapy in its original form in some temples such as Wat Pho in Bangkok, where you can follow daily treatments at the lowest price. Most major hotels also offer traditional Thai massage services.

In Phuket there are many massage parlors where masseuses and masseurs are not always real professional and if you are looking for quality, authentic spas will definitely provide a quality of service that you will not find elsewhere.



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