The Big Buddha

  • The Big Buddha
    The Big Buddha in Phuket
  • The Big Buddha
    The Big Buddha in Phuket
  • Viewpoint at Big Buddha
    The viewpoint from The Big Buddha is quite spectacular

Located on a hill between Chalong and Kata beach, the 45 meters high Big Buddha (or Wat Yai as many people call him) is a must-see visit of Phuket. Built on the top of hill, the image was covered with Burmese white marble and host a Buddhist temple. It is important to note that the construction project was financed only through donations and still today, there are donation boxes where you can make charity and support this fantastic attraction.

From this area, visitors can have a fantastic 360° view over Phuket, which makes of this site a viewpoint as well as a Buddhist retreat.

Actually, the history of the Big Buddha started with the idea of a few friends to create Phuket’s most spectacular viewpoint. But as the project went on, the friends thought of a much more ambitious project: to build in that place a giant statue of Buddha.

Thanks to donators in Phuket but also in the whole country, but as well as from tourists from overseas, the construction has been mostly achieved recently and since then, the Big Buddha is an essential stop for visitors and holidaymakers in Phuket.



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