Water Sports in Phuket

  • Jet skiing Phuket
    Jet Skiing is a popular and fun activity in Phuket
  • Water skiing Phuket
    Water skiing in Phuket
  • Parasailing in Phuket
    Parasailing in Patong beach
  • Kitersurfing in Phuket
    Kitersurfing has become very popular in Phuket
  • Kayaking in Phuket
    Sea canoe and kayak tours are extremely fun in Phuket
  • Surfing in Phuket
    During the Monsoon season, it is possible to surf in Phuket
  • Cable skiing in Phuket
    Cable ski is one of the best activity in Phuket

Whether on one of the numerous beaches of Phuket or on lagoons and lakes, there are many water-sports that you can do during your holidays in Phuket.

Cable ski

Only 15 minutes away from Patong, On the road leading to Kathu waterfall, you will find Phuket Wake Park where a facility for cable ski have been installed. Staff there is very friendly and whether you are a beginner or experienced skier, you will most likely enjoy this activity and the beautiful surroundings showing spectacular mountain views. In the same complex than the cable ski, you will also find a shooting range.

Water skiing

During high season from November to April, Phuket waters are calm and are perfect for water skiing. Many beaches on the island such as Patong, Bang Tao or Kata have speedboat operators offering to do waterski.


Very popular in low season due to Monsoon strong winds and big waves in Phuket waters, there are many companies all around Phuket offering their services to bring you on the best spots and to rent good equipment to enjoy a kite surf session on a tropical island. If you are beginner and wish to discover this fast growing sport, the same companies generally offers lessons with instructors.


Phuket does not have beautiful and big waves such as in Indonesia, but during the Monsoon from May to October, strong waves and currents hit Phuket’s coast line. If you don’t have your own board, head to Kata beach where you will find shops renting surfboards. Another beach where surfers occasionally take waves is Nai Harn beach, in the south of the island.


All year round you can find calm and quiet waters around Phuket and it is ideal for sea kayaking. For those who want a more eco-friendly and noiseless way to discover Phuket bays than with speed boats, this is a great experience to explore Phuket’s beautiful shores. Phang Nga bay and Krabi areas are perfect and you will be amazed by the number of sea caves and secret alcoves there are on all the small islands in this part of Thailand. Guides are also available and can paddle for you.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is indeed fun specially when in a tropical paradise such as Phuket, but a known scam ruined the reputation of renters on the island, and the story was mentioned worldwide. Renters would fake anger when the jet ski was returned, arguing about damages that they knew were provoked before. The best way to get away from this trick is to avoid renting jet ski, or be sure that you inspect it carefully and let the renter be aware of that.


Parasailing is very popular in Phuket and it is possible to try it at many popular beaches in Phuket such as Patong, Karon or Bang Tao. For persons with an adventurous spirit, it is a fun and unusual way to enjoy a day at the beach. However, bear in mind that this sport requires a few safety measures and if you feel that the equipment is damaged or if the weather is windy or rainy, it is strongly recommended to skip this activity from your schedule. Make sure that the parasailing operator provides life-jackets which help to stay afloat when people crash into the water.



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