What to buy in Phuket?

  • Phuket pearls
    Phuket pearls
  • Thai & Asian antiques
  • Thai silk
    Thai silk
  • Somrak Maneemai painting
    Another painting from Somrak Maneemai in Red Art Studio Gallery
  • Thai porcelain
    Porcelains are one of the many Thai handicrafts
  • Thai gold shops
  • Phuket Batiks
    Phuket Batiks

If you are in holidays in Phuket, like to go shopping, but have no idea what you can find while on this beautiful island, then this article is for you. Phuket has many shopping opportunities and it will not be hard for you to find at least one thing that you like and want to bring back home. Of course brands are global nowadays and you will be able to find shops of every brand you like to shop, sometimes at better prices than other countries. However we would like to insist upon local products that you will hardly find anywhere else than in Thailand, and at much higher prices if you do.

Thai Silk

At the top of the list of things that you should buy during your holidays in Thailand, Thai silk should be in a good position. You can find different qualities of silk at different ranges of prices, but numerous shops sell good quality silks. In Phuket Weekend Night market you will find a lot of cheap items in silk and even if the quality is not the best you may find, prices are very interesting and some of them are pretty nice actually. If you are looking for a higher range of silk, then you can head to Shinawatra Home Mart at the opposite of Boat Lagoon entry or Jim Thompson shops. A few resorts on the island have their own boutiques and offer high quality items in Thai silk, such as the Banyan Tree in Bang Tao, or Le Meridien in Patong beach. Read more…


Phuket is a very famous destination for pearls and unlike Thai silk, there are quite a few pearl farms surrounding Phuket and it is easy to find shops selling pearls on the island, or to go directly at the farm and discover the process to obtain beautiful cultured pearls that you can purchase as well. Phuket counts numerous jewelries where you can buy beautiful items set with Phuket pearls but also gems from all across South East Asia. Read more…


Although Thai gold jewelries are not as beautiful as Italian or French ones, there are nice necklaces and bracelets that you may find in Thai gold shops. There are many shops on the island, but you will find the biggest choice and no less than dozens of shop in Ranong Road in Phuket old town. Thai gold has a more yellowish and intense color than Western gold as the standard in Thailand is 23 karats whereas it is 18 karats in most western countries. As Thai gold is purer, it is also softer. Read more…

Thai & Asian Antiques

If you like to dive deep in history through rare and precious objects, you will certainly love Phuket for its numerous Asian and Thai antiques shops. Thai bronzes are very renowned, but you will also find beautiful sculptures, antique furniture, jewelry and a wide variety of objects from Thailand, Myanmar and the rest of Asia. Read more…

Thai Contemporary Art

In Rawai, several artists from Phuket and other places in Thailand have settled in a place that is now famous as Phuket Art Village. A dozen of art galleries present the last works of these Thai artists and you will see it by yourself that some of them are extremely talented. Read more…

Thai Handicrafts

Phuket is the ideal place to find many handicraft. They are made in Phuket but also from all across the country and so there the choice is vast. When you come to spend your holiday on the island, you will have no trouble finding a souvenir to take back home, or original gifts to offer your loved ones. Read more…


As is the case in most Asian countries, there is a large Indian community in Phuket. It is particularly specialized in the manufacture of costumes and dresses at unbeatable prices. Good tailors in Phuket import most of the fabrics from Italy, and Phuket has long been a place where many talented tailors have settled. Thus, the quality of custom suits and dresses made in Phuket is well established. Read more…


Numerous art galleries exist in Phuket. You will certainly have no problem to finding one or more near your hotel or on the roadside. Some galleries are specialized in copies while others are exposing original creations from Thai artists. Read more…


On of Phuket’s most popular handicraft is batik. Batiks are colorful, very attractive and handmade textiles in cotton that are used to make different types of clothes (shirts, dress, sarongs, scarfs) but also bags. Batik is an important part of the Baba culture in Phuket. Generally the clothes design are inspired from traditional Penang and Chinese fashion and depicts tropical scenes about the marine life or rainforest. Batik technique has been officially registered as Intangible Cultural Heritage at UNESCO. Read more…


Last, it is impossible to finish an article about shopping in Phuket without even mentioning copies. T-shirts, luxury watches, DVDs, haute-couture bags and clothes, shoes, sunglasses, videogames, perfumes, etc.: products of the trendiest brands in the world have their counterfeit twins here in Phuket. All across the islands you will find small shops selling those but the two most popular places to buy copies in Phuket are the Baazan market in Patong beach, and Phuket Town’s Weekend Night Market.