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One of Phuket’s most popular handicraft is batik. The word “batik” is an Indonesian name and means to draw and paint. Batiks are specific because of their unique coloration technique that uses wax.

Batiks are colorful, very attractive and handmade textiles in cotton that are used to make different types of clothes (shirts, dress, sarongs, scarfs) but also bags. Batik is an important part of the Baba culture in Phuket. Generally the clothes design are inspired from traditional Penang and Chinese fashion and depicts tropical scenes about the marine life or rainforest. Batik technique has been officially registered as Intangible Cultural Heritage at UNESCO.

Besides the ready-to-wear clothes that you will find, most batik shops also offer to do custom creations according to the designs you want to appear.

Note that if you intend to bring one batik at home, it is highly recommended to hand wash it and not to use washing-machines.

Where to find batiks in Phuket

Batik House
Location: Chalong, Wiset Road
Tel: +66(0)76 384 061

Phuket Batik
Location: Phuket Town, Yaowarat Road
Tel: +66(0)76 211 849

Chai Batik Phuket
Location: Chalong, Chaofa East Road
Tel: +66(0)76 375 754