Where to shop in Phuket


As many small and specialized shops are already listed in the category of the souvenirs you can buy in Phuket, this page intends to make you discover the biggest shopping venues of the island, where you can spend hours shopping in the same building or area, and find almost everything you are looking for.

Shopping Malls

If you like brand names and large shopping malls with aircon, many restaurants, cinemas and literally a lot to see and to do, there are 2 big shopping malls in Phuket. In Patong, close to Bangla Road, you will find Jungceylon shopping mall where you will find a lot of shops at every floor and a cinema. The other big shopping mall of Phuket is located in Kathu, close to the Phuket International Hospital. Central Festival Phuket is a huge complex with a lot of shops, restaurants and a cinema. There are also numerous shops and Central Festival is a level above Patong’s Jungceylon in terms of quality but also prices. In Phuket Town, there are 2 shopping malls that are popular amongst tourists as well as Thais, both located near the Metropole hotel, Ocean Time Square and Robinson.

Premium Outlet Phuket

Premier Outlet Phuket is a shopping mall regrouping many brands shops at the same location. It recently opened and at first it was a very good place to go shopping with discounts up to 70%. But the location, on Bypass Road, is relatively far from everything and made the place less and less popular, to the point that some shops even closed. However, if you are looking to buy sport clothes or golf equipment, a visit to this place still worth it.

Phuket Town’s Weekend Night Market

Phuket Town Weekend Night Market is the largest of the island and brings no less than 1000 stalls. As its name stands, it takes place every Saturday and Sunday from 16 to 22 hrs. There, you will find everything! Prices are generally cheap, however do not hesitate to haggle, especially when prices are not displayed, which is often the case. There are also many stalls selling food and drinks in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. If you are in Phuket for the weekend, this is definitely one of the places on the island to see.

Phuket Indy Market

Located on Dibuk Road and opened every Thursdays and Fridays from the late evening to 10pm, Phuket Indy Market is a very popular market of Phuket Town, yet much smaller that Phuket Weekend Night Market. Here, youngsters sell their own creations and you will find a lot of original clothes and shoes, but also food and fresh drinks. The Phuket Indy Market is typical of the friendly and happy atmosphere that reigns in Phuket. If you stay on the island with your kids, that’s a very good place to share a good moment with the whole family.

Baanzan market

Located in Patong behind Jungceylon shopping mall, Baanzan market is mainly a fresh food market where you can buy all sorts of food: fruits, vegetables, Thai herbs, meat and poultry, fishes and seashells, curry pastes, etc. In addition, there are many stalls where you can go shopping. There you will find clothes, souvenirs, shoes and much more. At night time, many small stalls open and sell delicious Thai food for takeaway.